Billing Information 12

This section provides information related to payments and billing.

Database Issues 7

Database management and connections.

Domain Name 5

DNS records and name server management, domain issues, domain transfers etc.

Email Issues 18

Email account management, sending, receiving, configure, setup, spam policy and more.

External Services 0

Link to external services such as Gmail, BlogSpot and so on.


Collection of frequently asked questions about our products and services.

FTP Questions 3

Tips and tricks regarding to files and folders management via FTP.

Glossary 0

Terms related to our products and services

Hosting Services 52

General questions on hosting accounts and how to use them.

Pre-sales Questions 5

Useful information for choosing suitable packages.

Quick Start Guide 1

To get start with your new hosting account.

Scripts 14

Sample code, script snippets and open source.

Security and Abuse 4

Preventive measures and resolutions on security issues.

Transfer Requirements 4

Requirements to transfer your domain and web files.

Upload and Download 0

Upload or download your web files.

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