Revision of .MY Domain Name Life Cycle

Dear Valued Customers, Please be informed of a revision to the life cycle of .MY domain name. The change will become effective on 16th March 2023, it is part of MYNIC (.MY domain registrar) to keeping up with the global standard for domain name renewal.To ensure uninterrupted use of your domain name, it is important that you renew it prior to the ... לקריאה נוספת »

13 פברואר 2023
New .MY Registration and Renewal Term

Dear Valued Customers,Good news for you!You can now register or renew your .MY domain names for a maximum of 10 years, instead of previous 5-year cycle.So you can be worry-free, knowing that your digital asset is safe for the next decade.This applies to all .MY extensions (.my,, and others).Please do not hesitate to contact us for ... לקריאה נוספת »

13 פברואר 2023
Web Hosting Secured by Imunify360

Securing of your website against online threats is always important.Webmasters are required to patch their websites with the latest updates and target PHP runtime versions that are still actively supported.We at Yeahhost, as your trusted web hosting provider also plays an important role in securing your website.As a value-added feature, we are ... לקריאה נוספת »

1 פברואר 2023